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The Blessing of Peace

Is peace a blessing that we often overlook? Often, we think of peace as passive, something that happens to be available when everything is going fine. So, because peace frames our good seasons, we tend to overlook it; it goes unnoticed. But peace is available at all times and is truly a blessing.

Psalm 29:11 reminds, “The LORD will give strength unto His people; the LORD will bless His people with peace. God is very good. He blesses His people with many things. But in this verse, we see that He offers strength to make our daily lives possible as well as granting the ability to handle those more traumatic events. And with that strength, God lays peace upon our lives like a mantle. This is a blessing.

And both these gifts, strength and peace, are active and energetic gifts of God. He WILL give strength. He WILL give peace. These emphatic promises add a confident assurance to our lives.

So, do I regularly recognize the gift of peace in my life? Do I acknowledge this blessing and thank God for the tranquility and quiet that results from this gift? Yes!

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