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The Peace of Fulfilled Dreams

Simeon? He was an obscure man in Scripture whose life was founded upon an amazing promise! God had revealed to Simeon that he would not die until he had seen the birth of the Messiah, the “Lord’s Christ.”

When Mary and Joseph brought the infant Jesus to the temple to dedicate Him, they were met by the man Simeon. Simeon knew that Jesus was the fulfillment of that promise given to him by God. Luke 2:29-30 records Simeon’s response, “Lord, now let your servant depart in peace, according to Your word: for my eyes have seen Your salvation…”

Simeon was so pleased to have seen Jesus with his eyes, pleased to see God’s promise to him complete and true. He was able to completely rest in this promised dream come true.

Departing in peace is a good goal for each of us. Do I have dreams? Do I have goals that I’d like to see completed before I depart from this life? Do you? May we be faithful to pursue our goals while we live and then leave this life satisfied with the results. One day, I hope to depart in peace knowing that my life dreams are complete, just like Simeon’s.

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