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A Benediction for Peace

Are there ways to pray for peace for myself, my family, my friends, colleagues, community, and nation? Where can I turn to find this amazing benediction? How about Numbers 6:26, “The LORD lift up His countenance upon you and give you peace.”

This verse is really a two-part blessing or benediction that we can pray for ourselves and others. Blessing and benediction are nearly the same except that benediction is a more formal invocation. So, I can simply pray this prayer: “God, lift up Your face and smile upon my son, and give him peace.” Or, I could more formally elicit a benediction, maybe even in writing: “May God truly smile upon your life and grant you lasting peace.”

Peace involves tranquility, quiet, calm, and a cessation of conflict. What a wonderful way to pray for those close to us or even for our nation as a whole. I can pray that, as a nation, we can stop fighting God. I can pray that we stop fighting each other. I can pray for God’s peace to rest upon us, our family and friends, and our land.

So yes, I may confidently pray for peace during this chaotic season. And so can you.

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