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Peace Protection Plan

Offences will come, no matter how careful we are to avoid them. If we deal with people in any capacity, we will be wounded by words and hurt by actions. But is it possible to build a protection plan? Some way to guard our hearts from the onslaught of the gossiping tongue?

One psalm offers this advice, “Great peace have they which love Your law: and nothing shall offend them.” (Psalm 119:165) This psalmist says that this peace plan is available to those who love God’s law or Word. How can loving God’s Word buffer us from the attacks of offending and wounding words? I’d guess that it has to do with value: seeing the value of God’s Word compared to the worthless and offensive words of people.

We all are wounded, poked, prodded, or irritated by words. Words from our colleagues or bosses can anger us and rob our sleep. A response to a simple post on Twitter can imbed itself in our minds and rob our peace. But loving God’s Word can put everything back into its proper perspective.

So, can we create a protective barrier? Can we have a peace protection plan that softens the words of others? I say yes! By valuing the Words of God above the words of others, we can filter out those wounding words and protect our hearts from being offended.

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