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Our Spark of Light

John chapter one is certainly a unique nativity story and one of my favorites! It speaks of Jesus, the creative Word of God. It establishes Him as the Word, Light, and Life. In today’s verse, these truths take it one step further. His light is IN us.

“That was the true Light, which lights every man that comes into the world.” (John 1:9) These words were spoken by Jesus’ first witness, John the Baptist, and its truth is profound. The question is, if Jesus lights each human that He brings into the world, where do we find that light? Is it in our physical bodies? Or does this Light illuminate our minds? Is it the spark of creativity in our souls? Or the desire to connect with God in our spirits? Can I answer all these suppositions with a simple “yes”?

The Light of Jesus is evident in the miraculous functions of our miraculous bodies. His intelligence opens our dark minds. His creativity impacts and inspires our own. His eternal soul calls out to ours.

Do you recognize the Light of Jesus in you? Do I? Do we acknowledge how amazing we are as a result of the work of our amazing Creator in us?

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