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Our Guide for Peace

“-to guide our feet in the way of peace.” (Luke 1:78-79)

I love this part of Zacharias’ prophecy about Jesus! While Zacharias’ wife Elizabeth was hosting her cousin Mary and discussing both their miraculous pregnancies, he had plenty of time to learn about how Mary came to be with child. After the birth of his own prophesied son, John the Baptist, this grateful Father spoke of Mary’s coming Son. He foretold that one of Jesus’ objectives would be to “guide our feet in the way of peace.”

If I rewrote this promised objective with all its nuances, it might sound like this: “to guide (make straight or direct) our feet in the way (road or journey or even a way of thinking, feeling, or deciding) of peace (quiet or rest).” Not only can Jesus lead us to make decisions that will take our lives on His peaceful journey, He can even influence our thinking and feeling to be more peace-filled. He can create internal peace which can guide our physical, spiritual, and emotional decisions and lead us to tranquil destinations.

No matter our personality type, we can all learn to follow Jesus’ example as Prince of Peace. He was always in control and always insightful in each situation He entered. From sleeping during a storm at sea or overturning the tables of the fraudulent marketers, Jesus was guided by His own peace. He brought His peace to the woman taken in adultery and the woman who had the blood issue. He purchased peace with God for all humanity and grants the peace of God to all who believe in Him.

Personally, I love to use this verse as a guide for prayer. “Jesus, guide my feet in the way of peace. Influence my thinking and feeling. Teach me Your habits of peace and tranquility. And make my destination one that only brings glory to You and hope to others. Amen.”

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