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Ordained Peace

What if peace was more than just a feeling of tranquility or rest? What if peace was more than a cessation of war and the absence of its trauma? What if peace was a place, not only a location but a place in time and history? And could it not be all of the above?

One prophet who speaks often of a future era or reign of peace is Isaiah. In Isaiah 26:12, he offers, “LORD, You will ordain peace for us: for you have wrought all our works in us.” Here, ordain can mean locate, establish, or set in place, more than just a decree. God has already wrought great works within the history of Israel. And through the finished work of Christ, God has established peace for the believer. (Strong’s Concordance/

Wrought is a fancy, old-fashioned for do or make. God has already done great things for His people. He has already made a way in the wilderness. He can not only be counted upon to set in place a feeling of peace or tranquility but also, He will ordain a location of peace in His future kingdom. Christ will return and reign in a one thousand-year long era of peace.

Just as we pray “Your kingdom come,” we can also pray for God to “ordain peace for us.” He’s done so much for us in our past that we can feel guaranteed that He will establish future peace.

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