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Acquainted with Peace

Job’s friends sure do get a bad rap. But if we were honest, we would admit that they were good enough friends to mourn silently with Job for days, and once they did speak, they often spoke words of wise counsel. One friend specifically offers a way for Job to know restored peace despite his horrendous circumstances: the loss of his children, business, and health.

Job’s friend Eliphaz advises: “Acquaint now yourself with Him and be at peace; thereby good shall come unto you. Receive, I pray you, the law of His mouth, and lay up His words in your heart.”

(Job 22: 21,22) Several words in this piece of counsel have significant meaning: acquaint-be of use or service, show harmony with; peace-a covenant that is finished, complete, sound or whole; good-pleasantness; receive-snatch up or fetch; and lay up-appoint, establish, ordain, or fix. (Strong’s Concordance/ Eliphaz is suggesting that Job submit himself to God by being willing to be of use or service to God. He also suggests Job receiving and embracing God’s Word.

NOTE: This is interesting because many believe that Job is the oldest chronological book in the Bible, that it was written before the flood and before the law was given to Moses. So, the reference Eliphaz makes to God’s “law and words” was referring to oral tradition, “any revelation of the mind and will of God, made unto the patriarchs in former times-which was handed down from one to another-received as coming from the mouth of God.” (John Gill’s Exposition of the Bible/

It seems that Eliphaz’s offer of good and peace as coming to Job as a result of acquainting himself with God is a bit of quid pro quo, “If I do this for You, what will You give me?” But in reality, many Proverbs principles also support this idea, like the often-quoted Proverbs 3:5-6. If I trust in the LORD and do not lean on my own understanding, He will direct my paths. This then leads to peace of mind. One simple advice that can be followed (almost like a contract that is followed): through fellowshipping with God and valuing His Word, I can gain peace and good favor. If I commit to being consistent with God, He is free to shower me with peace and favor.

So, can a better relationship with God lead to peace? I say yes! May we better acquaint ourselves with God and open the way for our being blessed with peace, wholeness, completeness, and soundness.

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