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A Pathway to Peace

Sure, I can desire a peace-filled life and peaceful relationships! But what are some strategies or steps that can result in peace? Are there practical ways that I can increase my chances for peace and tranquility?

David gives some advice in Psalm 37:37, “Mark the perfect man, and behold the upright: for the end of that man is peace.” Do I pay attention to the peaceful lives of people around me? David advises to mark (or observe, watch, or pay attention to) the perfect man. Here the word “perfect” means complete, whole, or gentle. David also elevates the person who is upright (straight, pleasing, correct, or proper). If I pay attention, I can learn from these types of people, copy their behaviors and attitudes, and know their peace as a result.

It appears that peace is the result of right living then. And this is quite logical. The qualities of living right, being complete and gentle, being upright, pleasing, and proper can add simple joy to human relationships. The less stress in our human interactions, the more peace we will experience.

So, let’s put it all together, if I’m perfect and upright, imitating others that I observe; if I’m gentle and whole; if I’m proper and pleasing with my words, then I can only improve and nurture those around me. And if I do this consistently, I will only see peace as the result. And this can be a legacy that I leave for my children and others to observe. Living a pathway of peace and leaving a clear trail may be my greatest gift to the world.

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