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Who Lights my Darkness?

Nope. It’s just not true. Not every part of my life is sunshine, roses, and adorable puppies. Some days, I’m exhausted. Other days, I’m overwhelmed or weighed down by an issue. But I do have a dependable Source of light and hope: God!

The psalmist shares, “For it is You Who lights my lamp; the LORD my God enlightens my darkness.” (Psalm 18: 28) Just like David, I can claim that God is the One that tiptoes into my dark soul and gently lights my lamp with the truth of all that He is. He alone is the light in my darkness.

Life can be draining. Days can be discouraging. Months can feel dreary. But I have a reliable Source of light. Do you? Do you know and trust the One Who created light to light your soul with comfort and hope?

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