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The Light of Jesus

Jesus in John 1 is proclaimed to be the Word-the Logos. Jesus was the creative Word that God spoke to bring everything into existence. The Word, Jesus, created Light in Genesis 1:3. But not only did Jesus create light, He is Light.

John 1:3a, 4 proclaim, “All things were made by Him-In Him was life; and the life was the light of men.” Jesus is Creator. Jesus is Life. Jesus is Light. The spark of life in Jesus illuminates the sleeping soul of man and lights him.

Essentially, even though I am physically awake, I’m often spiritually drowsy or even asleep. On a regular, daily basis, I need the Light of Jesus to illuminate my sleepy spirit with the power of Who He is. For me, this connection with Him happens mainly through His Word, often through music, and occasionally through the words of a friend.

Jesus is Life! Jesus is Light! He lights my life with His creative power and His enduring love!

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