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Light in our Darkness

God is light. His Word is light. And this divine light touches each human ever born. But truly, God’s light is most precious when we enter seasons of darkness.

The prophet Micah said beautifully, “-when I sit in darkness, the LORD shall be a light unto me.” (Micah 7:8b) Although he is considered to be a minor prophet because his Old Testament book is short, Micah offers several precious and tender passages of hope. This is one of them.

This simple promise paints a picture of a sad soul trapped in a lonely and dark prison cell. Difficult seasons in life, hardships, trials can plunge us into darkness. BUT we’re not alone, and there is hope. God, with all His light, crawls into that lonely cell with us. He warms, cheers, and comforts us with the light of His very essence.

Am I alone? Am I sitting in a dark and lonely cell? Are you? We can find hope and comfort in our cell Companion: God, the light of the world.

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