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Sneaking a Peak at Sense and Sensibility Entry 3


People: Edward Ferrars the older brother of Mrs. Fanny Dashwood, and early admirer of Elinor Dashwood.

Text:      Edward Ferrars was not recommended by any peculiar graces of person or address. He was not handsome, and his manners required intimacy to make them pleasing. He was too diffident to do justice to himself; but when his shyness was overcome, his behavior gave every indication of an open, affectionate heart. His understanding was good, and his education had given it solid improvement. His mother and sister longed to see him distinguished. They wanted him to make a fine figure in the world, preferably in politics like parliament. But Edward had no turn for great men. All his wishes centered on a domestic comfort and the quiet of private life.

               Edward had been staying several weeks in the house before he engaged much of Mrs. Dashwood’s attention. She saw that he was quiet and unobtrusive, and she liked him for it. Elinor, who was herself simple and sensible, also appreciated him and his personality.

Emotion: Lack of confidence

Insight:  Edward’s family, his mother and sister, desired to see him distinguished in the world. But Edward, less confident, craved the simplicity of a quiet, retired life. He is the “faithful man” praised by Proverbs 20:6. And his admiration for Elinor Dashwood revealed his hope for an uncomplicated relationship with a strong, wise woman. Like Edward, let’s pursue the best version of ourselves, not necessarily the lofty goals that others hold over our lives. And from Edward, we can learn to gain strength from God and those experiences He brings us through.

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