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Darkness Doesn't Understand Light

Light is beautiful! It provides illumination, warmth, comfort, and hope. If light is so perfect, why do we humans occasionally find it annoying, invasive, and blinding?

John 1:5 may provide an answer: “And the light shines in darkness; and the darkness does not comprehend it.” Our world is dark. Our homes are dark. Our minds and hearts are dark. When light shines in, often a first response is to skulk to a dark corner and turn away from the light; the very light that is meant to help us.

Strong’s Concordance ( offers many facets of the meaning of comprehend in this verse. It can mean to lay hold of something, take possession, detect, catch, grasp with the mind, perceive, and learn. If the light of God and His Word penetrates my life, do I receive it and understand its benefits? Or do I rather sadly turn away?

Light is beautiful! It can illuminate, warm and comfort me. But if I turn away, if I refuse to perceive and comprehend it, it can do me no good. Do I embrace light or reject it?

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