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Congo Crisis Entry 7

Alessandra was nervous, really nervous! The plane was landing in Kinshasa, and the reality of what she was getting ready to face in the N’Jili Airport terrified her. She was a bundle of barely-controlled, jittery nerves and had checked the contents of her backpack and belt pack five times.

She stood up, grabbed her carry-on, took a deep breath, and sent a Nehemiah-like prayer toward heaven, asking God to help her. As Alessandra walked toward the front of the plane, she had an overwhelming desire to return to her seat and take the next flight back to Paris. She could never remember feeling so nervous.

The heat and humidity of this Kinshasa morning hit her with such a force that it sent her senses reeling. She felt herself tightly gripping the handrail of the portable steps as she descended to the tarmac below. The intense heat and her own overactive nerves combined to make her feel weak and helpless. She was used to considering herself capable of handling any situation. For the first time in her life, she felt completely lost and lonely.

There are days and seasons in every life where we feel completely powerless. But there’s hope in a promise. Isaiah 40:29 offers, “He gives power to the faint; and to them that have no might He increases strength.” God loves to be the power we need when we’re powerless and the strength we need when we’re weak. He’s our Faithful Friend and our best Global Travel Companion. Let’s trust Him.

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