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Congo Crisis Entry 49

The plane took off, with Alessandra leaning her head back against the seat to prevent motion sickness. Despite the dilapidated field, everything went smoothly.

               Alessandra relaxed and renewed her petition for help from the Lord. The ground below, carpeted by sections of jungle and plain, reminded her of how far removed she was from the rest of the world. The long flight was broken up by a half-hour refueling stop in the village of Vanga. The plane neared Kinshasa as the sun was beginning to set in the west.

               “It’s amazing!” Alessandra cried as she peered at the scene below her.

               “What’s that, Alessandra?” Steve asked over his shoulder.

               “Oh, it’s just the joy of seeing so many things with lights took me by surprise. I guess I hadn’t realized how much I had missed electricity until now. It is exquisite to see cars and houses lighting everything up below. Sure didn’t get that in Ilebo.”

               Steve chuckled, “A friend of mine, who had spent a year in the bush, said the same thing when I flew him here two days ago. We’ll be down in two minutes.”

               How typically human it is to not realize the value of what we have until we’ve been asked to do without it for a while. The abundance of electric light took Alessandra by surprise, making her thankful for that thing she didn’t know she was missing. Light is precious! Comforting. Cheering. Welcoming.

               And still, more amazing than physical light is the spiritual Light Jesus offers in Himself. In John 8:12, Jesus claimed, “I am the light of the world: he that follows me shall not walk in darkness but shall have the light of life.” Let’s take time to be thankful for both physical light and spiritual Light. With Who He is, Jesus us illuminates our lives, warms and cheers us. What a lovely gift: Light!

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