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Congo Crisis Entry 48

Arrangements were made for Alessandra to fly out of Ilebo on Monday morning. Since Dan was grounded at Kindu, the missionary aviation company planned to send another pilot, Steve Burnham. The plane circled the small field and landed skillfully on the dirt runway. Steve and Rob completed paperwork with airport officials.

Rob had a final word of prayer, and Alessandra said her goodbyes to the Carmichael family. Instead of feeling relief, she felt guilty. As if she were abandoning her friends to the enemy.

“You’ve been so good to me. It just doesn’t seem fair. I have to trust that God will protect you and give you His grace.

“That’s sweet,” Cathy responded, “but we are choosing to stay. You just worry about your next steps.”

“Well, I am scared to do that river-crossing thing tomorrow,” Alessandra admitted. “Please pray.”

“We promise,” Jimmy piped up. “I wish I could go with you. Just to make sure everything is okay.”

Alessandra thanked him, gave final hugs, and stepped up into the back seat of the four-seater plane, next to an Ilebo merchant who had purchased a ticket. Steve climbed in, and they took off.

God’s people are not spared from the turmoil of this temporal world. But they do have a Resource in God Himself. Psalm 107:6 says, “Then they cried unto the LORD in their trouble, and He delivered them out of their distresses.” Sometimes, we lead ourselves into trouble through foolish choices. Other times, circumstances beyond our control carry us forward like a powerful flood. But whatever the reason, God is available to deliver us. Like Alessandra, may we remember to call on God and seek His wisdom and guidance.

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