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Congo Crisis Entry 47

It seemed like hours before Alessandra could settle her mind in her new bedroom in Rob’s office. She tossed and turned, letting worry control her thoughts.

               She had carelessly allowed her elbow to sit next to the mosquito net and had received an irritating bite. “I guess these blood-suckers are skilled enough to get me through the mosquito net. God, I can’t sleep. I’m so scared. Please help me to trust You. I know You are capable of protecting me. She reached for her flashlight, flicked it on, and picked up her Bible. She turned to Psalm 91, often called the missionary psalm. And read the whole chapter. She soon found herself able to relax and rest on God’s Word.

               Psalm 91:2 offers, “I will say of the LORD, ‘He is my refuge and my fortress: my God; in Him will I trust.’” Knowing that she could trust in God to be her Refuge and Safety gave Alessandra the peace she needed to relax and fall asleep. Often, life can plague us enough to rob us of sleep, which is desperately needed during those stressful times. Let us run to God, run to the promises of His Word, and hope in Him for our safety and peace. God is faithful. Let’s have the faith to trust Him.

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