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Congo Crisis Entry 44

After the men finalized their plans to chat the next morning on the two-way radio, Wesley requested to say goodbye to Alessandra. The two had a few minutes alone to chat.

“Wesley? I’m here again. You started quite a hubbub with your bombshell news. Are you scared at all,” Alessandra asked.

“Are you kidding? I’m terrified,” came Wesley’s honest response. “This is the last place I want to be right now. I keep thinking that something is going to happen tonight that will keep me from being able to leave tomorrow. You must be scared spitless up there in the wilderness.”

“My stomach is full of butterflies. But I figure that despite my fears, the Lord knew this was going to happen. I guess this will be my biggest lesson on trusting God.”

Wesley said, “I don’t know a thing about that, but all this sure makes me think about the fact that I could die. I wish I had your confidence. I’ve been thinking about what we discussed a lot these last few days. I have to go, Alessandra. Take care of yourself. I will get in touch with you at the end of August. I’ve got your number.

Distress, unrest, and insecurity force us to evaluate our lives. Wesley and Alessandra were both plunged into their deepest fears by the news of a potential uprising. But Alessandra had an advantage: she knew the Lord. Psalm 56:3 simply reminds, “What time I am afraid, I will trust in You.” Both young people needed to trust God. One for eternal salvation. The other for increased faith. And God is always at work, in every circumstance, drawing us closer to Himself. Let’s rest our fears in the arms of the Eternally Omnipotent God, Who cares for us deeply.

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