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Congo Crisis Entry 40

Before the service the next morning, Rob spoke of the need to “bear one another’s burdens,” while informing the congregation of Baby Cathy’s condition. He challenged everyone to think of ways to sacrifice for Katey’s family.

After the message, the whole congregation walked over to the clinic to see how Baby Cathy was doing and to pray with the family.

The conditions at the clinic were even more primitive than the hospital that Alessandra had visited. Cathy explained that although the mud brick structure was uninviting, the doctor who worked there had a great reputation. Baby Cathy’s eyes were open, and her fever was down somewhat. She smiled when Alessandra kissed her hot forehead, but she was too weak to giggle as she normally did. Before she left the room to make space for other members of the congregation to visit, Alessandra embraced Matshingi and placed a ten-dollar bill in her hand. She noticed as she stepped away that the church members were also giving Katey numerous Congo francs. She smiled to think of the poor giving to the poor.

Although the people of the Congo are among the poorest in the world, they are a happy and generous people. Alessandra gave of her abundance, but her Congolese friends were digging deep to sacrifice. The Scripture notices: “-he which sows bountifully shall reap also bountifully…God loves a cheerful giver.” (2 Corinthians 9:6,7) Maybe as a gardening nation, these people understand better the principles of sowing and reaping. They happily gave to help a family in need. Their giving hearts can teach many lessons to our stingy ones. Let’s look for opportunity to give happily and freely.

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