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Congo Crisis Entry 39

When the girls returned home and shared their conversation with Esther, Rob and Cathy responded swiftly. They rode off on the dirt bike, leaving Alessandra home to keep an eye on the kids. They spend two hours working together in the small garden in the backyard and making lunch. Jimmy told of the death and funeral of one of his Congolese friends, choking up many times during the tale.

The four enjoyed preparing and cooking chimichangas for lunch and spent some time praying for Baby Cathy before starting their meal. Boaz began barking, indicating that he could hear Rob’s motorcycle returning. It was obvious by the droop of Rob’s shoulders that the report was not going to be good. Baby Cathy had meningitis, probably contracted weeks ago. It went unnoticed until yesterday when her fever spiked. Katey and Matshingi had spent the night with her and were exhausted from their vigil.

The rest of the day passed quietly with everyone’s heart feeling the heaviness of the sorrow of their dear friends. Rob spent most of the afternoon in his office praying earnestly for his close friend. He felt moved to change the message for the next morning.

Life is arduous sometimes, full of worry, rife with tears. But being empathetic helps ease the tediousness of any situation. Romans 12:15 encourages, “Rejoice with them that do rejoice, and weep with them that weep.”

As Rob, Cathy, Alessandra, and the children worried and mourned with their Congolese friends, they were fulfilling this verse. May we weep and rejoice in union with those we love. It really makes our human nature a lot like God’s.

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