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Congo Crisis Entry 35

Thursday and Friday were fairly uneventful days. Alessandra studied with Katey and was pleased to hear him praise her progress. She was surprised to realize when Saturday morning dawned to find that she had been with the Carmichaels for only a week. The pace made time seem longer than it really was.

The alarm clock was ringing, rudely interrupting Alessandra’s dream of French fires and coke. She briefly wondered why she was getting up so early but then remembered that Mama Tshala was coming to take her to the garden.

Dressed and ready by five-thirty, with backpack in hand, Alessandra sat on the outside wall to wait for her new friend. Six notes repeated over and over by the bird up in the palm tree caught Alessandra’s attention. Only yesterday, she had asked Cathy to identify the strange chant and was surprised to learn it was a dove. The same tone as an American dove with an entirely unique repetition of notes.

When time moves slowly, it tends to feel stretched out and longer. And although as Americans, we appreciate an active pace, those long days are actually a gift, one perk of wisdom. Wisdom says, “For by me your days shall be multiplied, and the years of your life shall be increased.” (Proverbs 9:11) Life has varying seasons, each with a different tempo. May we embrace those tedious seasons as the gift that they are. Life is lived one day at a time, and if those days seem longer, we remember them better. God does that for His children. So beautiful!

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