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Congo Crisis Entry 15

The discussion around the supper table that first night included a run-down of Alessandra’s basic schedule during her stay in Congo: Saturday was market day and handing out Bible literature, Sunday was church, Monday was hospital visits, and Wednesday was ladies’ meeting. Taking Lingala lessons was also planned, with a tutor already lined up.

Alessandra responded, “It all sounds exciting! I can’t wait to start learning the language. Somehow, I have the feeling that up until now I haven’t really been living. How can you stand the constant adventure? Doesn’t the thrill wear on you after a while?”

“Sadly, we adjust,” Cathy said, “to even the level of excitement so that it seems normal. As a matter of fact, a calm, peaceful day at home without any disturbances is like a vacation to us. But we’re glad to partake in your new experiences. It refreshes our vision to see this country through the eyes of a newcomer.”

Every culture has its own speed. And although America is fast and Congo is typically slower, those in ministry can often find themselves too busy, looking at a down day as a refreshing change. Whether in Congo or home, let’s learn to pace ourselves with God’s timetable. The first part of Psalm 37:7 sets the tone for us, “Rest in the LORD and wait patiently for Him.” Resting in God, leaning on His wisdom instead of our own understanding, can regulate our life and perfectly time us to accomplish our tasks while gaining strength from Him. Not the Congo way or the American way, but rather the God way.

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