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A Thanksgiving Pause

“In Him was life; and the life was the light of men.” (John 1:4) Life! What a beautiful, wondrous gift from our Creator and Savior, Jesus Christ. In John 14:6, Jesus equates Himself with life. He IS life.

               As I approach Thanksgiving this week, I want to be grateful for the various facets of life for which I have been entrusted. Physical life, spiritual life, eternal life, family life, social life: these gifts make up the life that is Chrisann, and I’m SO thankful.

               More than fifty-eight years ago, God breathed life into my being and gave me the opportunity to enjoy His creation. My physical life and health are valuable gifts that I cherish. And I love that Jesus quickened my spirit as a young child, bringing me alive on the inside, giving me an internal opportunity to know and walk in the Spirit. And I eagerly anticipate my eternal life with God, an endless chance to worship Him purely and whole-heartedly. What joy!

               Thirty-two years ago, I began my family life with my husband Gale. We’ve journeyed through life and around the globe, living the life given us by Jesus. And I have three beautiful children that call me mom and enrich me. I’m so grateful for them. Finally, I’m blessed in my social life. I’m surrounded by beautiful, intelligent, spiritual women who feed me and strengthen. They make up my valuable team!

               Jesus = Life = Light and Hope.

               Let’s take time to give Him thanks for the various facets of our gift of life!


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