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The Companions of Peace

Does peace stand alone? Does peace claim friendship with any other amazing concepts? Does peace have friends? Apparently, yes.

Psalm 85:10 declares: “Mercy and truth are met together; righteousness and peace have kissed each other.” Here, it seems, peace does seem to have an inner circle of dear friends: mercy, truth, and righteousness. And these four entities love each other so much that they often work together to positively impact the heart of mankind.

Mercy and truth have a pact to meet and work together. Righteousness loves peace so much that they are often seen exchanging a friend kiss of blessing in the lives they touch. This perfect blend- mercy, truth, righteousness, and peace-work so well to both speak truth to people while offering the hope of reconciliation and harmony.

So, yes. Peace does enjoy the fellowship of its similar-minded companions. Mercy, truth, righteousness, and peace live together, work together, and transform people together. May we also value peace and her companions.

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