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Chrisann Dawson

Writer. Author. Thinker. Storyteller.

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James is called up for an international response to an Ebola outbreak in Congo that turns into a thrill ride and forces him to confront his deepest fears.

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Congo Terror

August 9, 2022

Congo Terror reunites two characters from Congo Crisis, James and Julia. Their unexpected connection in eastern Congo leads to their abduction by rebels soldiers and their daring escape!

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Congo Crisis

Chrisann Dawson

Pride and Prejudice new pic.jpg

Principles and Proverbs from Pride and Prejudice

Chrisann Dawson

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Relationship Secrets of Pride and Prejudice Bible Study

Chrisann Dawson

A Bit About Me

My Story

Honestly, I’ve been writing my whole life. As I child, I started hundreds of stories that I never finished. 

   I have taught high school English Grammar and Composition for more twenty years and had the opportunity to teach English as a second language in the Congo, Africa through the Lingala language. I currently live in the state of Arizona.

    I work with Shine-A-Light Press in Prescott, Arizona.

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"The best we can do as artists is invite others into a world, melody, taste, or experience we can't stop thinking about."

Allen Arnold


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