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The Price of Peace with God

Doesn’t it often feel like peace is elusive? It’s like we can grasp hold of it for a little season, then it slips away again. And yet permanent peace with God was purchased for us. As sons of Adam and daughters of Eve, we have the capacity to embrace underlying peace no matter our outward circumstances.

Isaiah 53, a chapter that has various interpretations, describes human suffering. Like many others, I believe that this prophesies of the vicarious wounding of Jesus for humanity’s benefit. One phrase from Isaiah 53:5 says, “-the chastisement of our peace was upon Him.” Beyond just physical punishment, chastisement can mean restraint, correction, discipline, rebuke or instruction. This Man was punished in my place. Why? To purchase my peace, literally my friendship with God, as well as my wellness, soundness, or completeness. My relationship with God was secured by the punishment of this man. Matthew Henry put it this way: “Our sins were the thorns in Christ’s head, the nails in His hands and feet, the spear in His side.”

In a #healthyfaith chat on Twitter on Saturday, the movie The Passion of the Christ was discussed. The question: “What was your reaction emotionally and mentally to the movie?” My answer was that the movie displayed the reality of the brutality of Christ’s suffering. Thankfully, the gospel writers spared us by stating simply “He was scourged or they crucified Him there.” Jesus’ supreme sacrifice was with the purpose to purchase forever that foundational peace that secures my life.

If your life seems insecure, tossed with the winds of circumstances, if my life does, may we look to Him Who was chastised for our peace. My relationship contract with God was paid in full by Jesus Christ. May I always remind myself that Jesus’ passion was sufficient to guarantee my eternal peace.

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