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Present Hope in a Future Peace

The current state of our world is chaotic and corrupt. War, conflict, disease, and greed rule our nations. Peace-that period of time without war-is barely being held together from week-to-week with duct tape and prayers. But this will not always be the case. One day, world peace, brought about by the Prince of Peace, will change this.

Hundreds of prophecies were fulfilled at Jesus’ first coming. Hundreds more are awaiting fulfillment for the predictions of His second coming. David in Psalms, Daniel, Isaiah, and Jesus Himself all spoke of His future, peaceful kingdom. But what can I do today to bring a small glimmer of that future hope to today’s dismal world? One thing is to actively and consistently pray for His kingdom. Jesus taught us how to pray. “Your kingdom come; Your will be done.” (Luke 11:2) Am I eager enough for this era of peace to pray for it and work to see it realized?

And is it possible to fill my life today with the hope that awaits us in that not-too-far-off tomorrow? Can I borrow tomorrow’s hope and utilize it today to encourage myself and fortify my current peace? Do I look at that future kingdom with eager anticipation? I love to imagine how much can be accomplished with one thousand years to explore, discover, and learn without being hindered by greed and selfishness! I long for that season when science and medicine can only grow and improve under the peace-filled tutelage of Jesus, our Creator-King!

And what will be the results of peaceful, right living for one thousand years? Isaiah gives a few glimpses. Here’s one: “And the work of righteousness shall be peace; and the effect of righteousness quietness and assurance forever.” (Isaiah 32:17) That outward kingdom of righteous peace will create the most incredible inner peace that has ever been known since humanity left the Garden. Peace. Quietness. Assurance. Forever.

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