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Peace With God

Are we humans really born fighting? If yes, is this battle physical, emotional, or spiritual? May I suggest that the answer is “yes” for both questions. We are born fighting. We are all born fighting physically, emotionally, and spiritually. One definition of peace is a cessation of war or that period of time that follows war. Many seek a season in life where all battles have ceased. I know I do. So, how can I best focus on the battles that I know that I can win?

One battle that we can all win, despite our physical or emotional hardships, disabilities, or diseases is the spiritual one. The reason for this is that the battle has already been won. This principle is simply expressed for us by the Apostle Paul in Romans 5:1, “Therefore being justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ.” Paul himself had been in a battle with God up until his confrontation with Jesus on the road to Damascus, where he submitted to the prodding of the Spirit of God and the Lordship of Jesus.

We’re all (thanks to our first parents) born fighting God. We’re born separated from Him. We’re born outside of His family. But Christ changed all that for humanity. By paving the way back to God through His finished work, He purchased peace for us. He fought the fight with sin and death and completely conquered both of them. He finished His fight so that ours will be over.

So, my own “peace with God” was accomplished in my life as a young child. Although many storms had raged around me-divorce of my parents, loneliness, avoiding being beat up by the bully-my spiritual war was won early. At the age of six, I first heard “Jesus Loves Me,” and I completely embraced His love.

May I encourage you? Seek to win that peace with God. The hard part was finished over two thousand years ago on Easter Sunday. In reality, the simplest of all battles is the spiritual one-easy for us. We simply need to value that already purchased peace and live each day in its glory and influence.

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